2022 Discarded tree, concrete, plastic

91cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 12.5cm (D) / " 35.8(H) x 10" (W) x 5" (D)

My works are mainly made from discarded wood and concrete.

The wood is a symbol of nature and the concrete is a symbol of artificial objects.

Humans destroy and manage nature to make their lives more comfortable, myself included.

Like food wrapped in plastic wrap.

This work represents the domination of nature by humans. And there is a small space between the wood and the concrete.

This is a message that "there must be a certain distance between nature and humans. It is a kind of social distance.

Humans should pay more attention to nature.

The dead wood used in this work was discarded on the streets of Manhattan. Even though the wood is dead, it still looks as if it is alive. The concrete base represents the human world. A space was created between the wood and the concrete. I created this work while thinking about the relationship between nature and humans.

US$ 1,700

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